CHECC Lending Library Procedures

You must be a current member of CHECC to check out items from the library.  Please fill out the item card(s) legibly with your name, phone #, email address, and the date when it is checked out.  Any material checked out should be returned to the librarian at the next meeting.  For materials not returned on time, a phone call or email reminder will be made by the librarian.  Remember that other people may be waiting to check out the item you have.  Also, if you would like to reserve a particular item in advance you may email me at with your request.

You will be held responsible for any unreturned or damaged materials that you have signed out.  If after the reminder call/email has been made, the item is not turned in at the next meeting then any of the following may occur:  one of the CHECC co-chairs may contact you; your borrower’s privileges may be discontinued; a fine may be imposed; you may be billed for replacement costs. Please keep in mind the strictness and severity of public library regulations, we’re sure you’ll find these rules just and fair.

Christina (CHECC Librarian)