Why do we require a signed membership/release of liability form?

We want everyone who participates in CHECC to realize that they are personally responsible for their actions. The membership form familiarizes each person specifically with our rules and conduct.

Why does CHECC promote private Christian home schooling?

Since CHECC is a support network member of CHEA, we adhere to their mission statement which says, “The mission of the Christian Home Educators Association of California is to Advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by: Promoting private Christian home education as an outstanding educational opportunity…”

Why does CHECC promote private home schooling over public?

This is tough to answer in such a brief format. But essentially there are four concerns:

Home schooling families in either a public ISP program or in a charter school have resigned their God given authority and responsibility to direct the education of their children and have placed themselves under the authority of the state government.

The education code of the State of California clearly states that it is illegal to teach anything sectarian (for instance, Christian) during normal school hours. Although some public home school leaders are themselves Christian and may state something to the contrary (or recommend you teach Christian materials on the sly), the law states that it is illegal.

God provides, and we can trust Him completely without looking to our government to provide something which God did not intend to come under its legitimate jurisdiction. If every good gift comes down from the Father of Lights, as James declares, would He likely disseminate it through an agent that demands we deny Him?

The legality of home schooling by any means is vigorously attacked every year. In California private home schoolers are deemed private schools by the education code, and we therefore stand arm in arm with campus-based private schools, increasing our clout. Public ISP members and charter school members, on the other hand, fall completely under the domain of government education and have zero clout in regard to home schooling. As more home schoolers join the public school ranks, the private ranks diminish, and the rights of all home schoolers are threatened.

CHECC has more information in a document entitled “Why Charter School won’t Work for Christians”. The content applies equally well to public school ISPs. CHECC would be delighted to share a copy with you, or you can order it directly from CHEA at 562-864-CHEA or from Family Protection Ministries at 916-786-3523.

Most of all this is a matter of much personal and family prayer. If you (or your spouse) choose to take the public home schooling route CHECC’s love and fellowship will remain the same.

Why can’t I bring my children to Parent Meetings?

CHECC is required by the management of their Parent Meeting facility to disallow the attendance of children, other than nursing infants. Unfortunately, this came about in years past due to a few individuals’ ignoring our longstanding Code of Conduct. CHECC was actually asked to leave as a tenant, and it is only through the grace of God, that we have been allowed to return with the stipulation of no children. Thankfully, this sad note is not typical of our organization. We typically hear good reports of our families during field trips, etc. Nonetheless, children are no longer allowed at CHECC parent meetings.

Is a phone directory available?

We do not print a directory for distribution in the group. We value your privacy and CHEA recommends that all support groups not publish a directory for their members’ protection. If you need to call someone, call a CHECC Co-chair and request the phone number. We encourage the sharing of each other’s phone numbers through the Parents’ Meeting, Park Days and other activities.